Can you afford to lose your critical patient and business data?


Get peace of mind with DMC's worry-free Redundant Backup Solution

With the inevitable transition to digital and paperless dental practices, patient data protection has never been more essential. That’s why DMC’s Redundant Backup Solution protects your business's critical data with an integrated on-site and off-site solution.

To help keep your most valuable information safe and secure, the backup process is handled by two separate technologies in two locations, creating identical backups.

Don't take a chance with your patient and business data — let DMC's Redundant Backup Solution help protect your practice.

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What is a Redundant Backup Solution?

Worry-free. Backs up to more than one media source in separate locations

Automated. Backs up all your chosen data

Secure. Ensures your data is safe via online backup and ioSafe device + HIPPA Compliant

Monitored. Reviewed daily by DMC, so you don't have to

Onsite backup gives you:

- 1 TB+ hard drive capacity
- Fireproof and waterproof casing
- Ability to physically secure unit to prevent theft

Offsite backup gives you:

- Secure Internet-based backup
- Reliable storage and hosting through DMC

Protect your critical patient and business data

Get all the information you need to safeguard your practice


Discover how to easily prevent malware, increase firewall protection, and improve web security.

In this free dental fraud ebook, you will discover the ten most common dental scams and how to avoid them.

Told through 12 real stories about dental practices that have been scammed, defrauded and taken for a ride. All were inside jobs. And it’s not always who you think. Did you know... 1 in 4 dentists will be embezzled at some point during his or her career.

The 2010 Marquet Report on Embezzlement stated that embezzlement is a $400 billion per year problem, and the healthcare industry is one of the top six industries affected.


Get total peace of mind, with a Redundant Backup System from DMC

Protect your patients' critical data efficiently, reliably, and securely in the cloud and on site with DMC. Backups are encrypted in transit and then stored online. In your office, a waterproof, fireproof IO Safe provides redundancy and reliability so backup and recovery is possible when the Internet is down.


Ensure your patient data is safe with plans starting at less than 75¢ a day

  • 5 to 135

  • Starting at
  • 5g = $19.95/mo

  • 85 to 245

  • Starting at
  • 65g = $81.95/mo

  • 255 to 495

  • Starting at
  • 355 to 395g = $249.95/mo

  • 505 to 795

  • Starting at
  • 505 to 545g = $315.00/mo