Complete clinical records and perio charting with Panda Perio


The most comprehensive periodontal and restorative digital chart on the market

Streamline the workflow between your dental practice’s front and back offices. Panda's periodontal software features a variety of time-saving tools, such as automated letter writing, paperless progress notes, and electronic medical records.

With a wide range of features, we’re sure one of our PANDA versions would be a perfect fit for your office.

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With PANDA Perio's periodontal workflow software, you’ll get:

Instant patient and referral letter writing

Get essential work done faster, leaving you with more time to spend with your patients. PANDA lets you create detailed referral and patient letters as you work. This easy-to-use software instantly generates letters based on a patient’s exam findings, diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment plan.

Simply call out your findings during the exam, select what you want to write up, and PANDA generates a letter for you in real-time. You can even customize templates so that your letters always read exactly the way you want them to.

Complete perio & restorative charting

PANDA periodontal and restorative digital charting is so easy to use, it works just like paper. Its extensive library contains more than 200 chartable findings. Charting is voice activation compatible and printed in case type for billing and claims processing.

Paperless progress notes

Complete progress notes quickly and with less hassle. Use PANDA’s pre-structured note-taking protocols or your own. With a few clicks, Panda InstaNotes customizes your progress notes. PANDA also includes a RapidSpell medical dictionary to make note-taking easier than ever.

Visual Patient Motivation Reports

Get a better, more effective way to communicate your exam findings with patients, leading to more acceptance for treatment. A graphical Patient Motivation Report shows plaque, bleeding, and bleeding with deep probing depths over time. It’s automatically generated and makes a real, visual impact on your patients.

Streamlined treatment plan writing

Save time and make treatment planning more efficient. PANDA memorizes the way the periodontists and financial coordinators in your practice write treatment plans. These different styles of documentation are saved so they can be used again and again, for comprehensive and accurate records in less time.

Robust Electronic Medical Records

Use PANDA as an electronic medical record (EMR) for full, accurate clinical records. PANDA maintains consistency in data entry, improving efficiency and creating a smoother workflow across your entire practice.

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The most comprehensive periodontal and restorative digital chart on the market

PANDA’s periodontal charting rivals any other software on the market. This system adapts to your way of working and not the other way around! Automatically generate Clinical Attachment Level, Estimated Attachment Loss, Bleeding, and Suppuration data. Customize your own hot keys to enable rapid entries. Choose 3 or 5 data points on molar teeth, a single recession data point per tooth, or one measurement per probe point. Plus TONS of other features that will have you record-keeping in record time!

Take the charting tour with practicing periodontist and PANDA co-founder Mike Zybutz, and find out how to regain control of your office work life.

Everybody at the practice wins when they use PANDA!
  • Easy to use – works just like paper
  • Case type printed on the charting for insurance billing and claims processing
  • Automatically shows deficient attached gingiva
Over 200 chartable findings available in the PANDA Restorative Periodontal Chart

PANDA Perio Integration

PANDA integrates seamlessly with DAISY, making the clinical and administrative aspects of your practice even easier – and faster – providing an enhanced workflow experience for you and your team.

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