Discover which DAISY features are likely to have the biggest impact on your profit, overhead, and productivity.
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The most intuitive way to manage and maintain your schedule, with features that streamline scheduling, follow-up and other tasks.
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With DAISY’s paperless document management, files can be attached to patients, providers, and accounts in a myriad of ways.
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Fully customizable, DAISY clinical charting software gives you complete control over how you enter patient records.
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Finally, software designed for greater profitability and increased productivity

DAISY's dental software brings a new level of order and efficiency to your dental practice.  DAISY was designed to help amplify your cash flow, improve your staff's productivity, cut month-end processing time in half and improve patient communication, retention, and loyalty.


Here are a few of the features that come standard with DAISY dental dental software:

Transaction recording

Real-time data entry allows the front office to close out a charge transaction from DAISY's scheduling screen at the same time the operatory is updating a clinical record. You can also automatically post credit card and ACH payments to DAISY, reducing the time spent processing payments.

Managing Accounts

Enjoy a smoother, less hectic revenue cycle. Configure your accounts to fit your dental practice, choosing who gets billed, when they get billed and what messages are included on the bills. It all results in excellent flexibility and more streamlined account management.

Statement Manager

Cut your monthly processing time in half, and free up more hours in the day to focus on other tasks. DAISY's Statement Manager makes it easy to specify who receives statements, review each statement for accuracy and flag the accounts that are ready to bill all from a single window.

Automated Recall

The most comprehensive dental recall software on the market, keeping patients from falling through the cracks — and boosting your revenue. The automated recall feature also saves you time and money by allowing you to print and mail your cards through DMC on our high-speed equipment.

Electronic Appt. Confirmation

Reduce no-shows and eliminate the time-consuming staff effort of calling each patient to confirm appointments. Discover a new way to keep your operatories full with DAISY’s AutoRemind.

Best Fit

Find the best appointment — for both you and your patient. DAISY’s Best Fit feature suggests the best open appointment slot based on preferred times, days of the week, provider and/or procedure. It also helps staff find the first available opening without searching day by day, so you can easily fill more of your time.

Extensive Reporting

Get the exact information you need to make smart business decisions. DAISY's reporting library lets you choose from more than 150 reports. See end-of-day or end-of-month reporting, production analysis, incomplete treatments or virtually any other information you want.

Merge Doc

With Merge Doc, you can automatically pull patient data to customize thank-you and welcome letters, collection letters, and other patient communications. You can print letters, forms and envelopes in Microsoft Word — ideal for quick and personal communication.

Document Manager

Become 100% paperless. With document manager, your data is easily organized, secure and at your fingertips. Document Manager lets you eliminate your paper filing and storage, since all paper documents can be scanned, securely stored and easily accessed within DAISY.

Goal Tracking

DAISY tracks your practice goals to see whether you’re hitting your financial targets. Goal tracking helps you view daily, weekly or monthly totals of scheduled procedures, so you can compare it to your dental practice goals.

Treatment Planning

Schedule more high-dollar, follow-up procedures that keep your schedule full and your patients healthier. Fully integrated with clinical charting software, treatment plans are easily organized and sorted, so you can quickly see which procedures have already been completed, as well as what remains to be scheduled.

Quick Estimates

Save time and reduce the cost of billing with quick estimates from your dental management software. At the end of an appointment, your front office staff can simply click a button to see the patient portion of the bill. Your practice gets paid immediately, so there’s no need to bill later.

Security Features

Prevent fraud with bulletproof security features. Set access levels for employees based on their roles in the practice, improving security and decreasing user errors in your system. DAISY tracks activity by employee in a log that creates a permanent audit trail that cannot be deleted.

Prescription Writing Software

DAISY includes prescription writing software that helps you avoid errors, writing accurate prescriptions quickly and easily. Record and print a prescription from any connected computer in the office. Or, if you have remote access, you have the option to record and print from home.

Clinical Notes

Keep records safe, easy to find and available at the click of a mouse. DAISY clinical notes store records in a uniform format and feature electronic sign-off and review, so you won’t risk losing paper files during a busy day.

Discover what DAISY can do for your profit, overhead, and productivity

What else can do with DAISY dental practice management software?

See how DAISY can help you keep cash flowing, lower overhead, maintain impeccable patient records, and gain stellar productivity

With DAISY's Mobile application you can book appointments,

write prescriptions and more directly from your smartphone or iPad

Get additional training, tools and support

As a DAISY user, you get access to tools and training to help you get the most out of your dental software, computer hardware, and digital radiography systems. If your practice is new to DAISY, a DMC staff member will be on-site to install and configure your dental software, train your staff and make personal recommendations.  If you're a seasoned DAISY dentist you can schedule online training for new features or new staff.

Personal training

Initial training for DAISY is generally completed in three to four days, depending upon the software components you purchase. Training can take place online, at DMC's training facility or on-site in your office.

Insurance lookup

Easily find insurance company addresses and codes, anytime — even if you only have a partial company name or address. DAISY users get access to our online insurance directory, saving your staff time and improving productivity.

Recall card selection

Increase appointments by reminding patients when they’re due for cleanings or exams. DMC can print, mail and track your patient recall cards from within DAISY’s Recall Manager.

Our most complete set of paperless tools now come standard.
Plus UNLIMITED claims!

A full-featured dental practice management software, DAISY gives you the latest technology to enhance cash flow, streamline workflow, and reduce overhead costs. Below are a few of the features you get with DAISY.
  • Clinical Charting & Treatment Planning
  • Comprehensive Scheduling
  • Accounts Receivable and Claims Tracking
  • Customizable Reporting and Analytics
  • Electronic Remittance & Real Time Eligibility
  • DAISY Mobile (Remote Access Files & Data)
  • UNLIMITED Claims Transactions
  • UNLIMITED Electronic Claims Attachments
  • eRx/EPCS & Electronic Health Record**
  • Integrated Patient Reminders**
  • Credit Card Payment Posting**
  • Billing Statements & Recall Cards*
  • Additional Installations (Sybase)
  • Data Conversion
  • Three Days of On Site Training

  • *** Third party fees may apply
    ** Statements $.43 (plus postage)
    * Recall cards $.55 per card

  • $150/each
  • $1,500 one time fee
  • $365/day
  • _____________________
  • $264 /mo
    Plus Above Setup Fees

  • FREE
  • FREE
  • FREE
  • _____________________
  • $264 /mo
    No Setup Fees! 3 Year Agreement