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Providing the best care for your patients while managing increasingly complex employee-related matters is no easy task. As your practice grows and employment law becomes more complicated, employee issues require more of your time. Employee leasing and management is what DMC HR Management Services does best. Along with providing professional guidance in HR management, we keep up with the changing federal and state regulatory environment – something most dentists have little time or expertise to manage.


How much would your practice benefit if you could focus solely on providing patient care? Identify how much time and money you lose to the non-revenue-generating side of your practice.

In this free Employee Management Needs Assessment, you will discover if your practice could be running smoother with the potential to produce more revenue in less time. If you want to focus on dentistry ahead of practice management, this assessment is for you.


What can DMC HR services do for you?

Employee recruitment, administration, and liability

Reduce your workload and lower liability with DMC. This is a co-employment relationship, in which we attract and retain the best and brightest in the industry. We also assume liability for these employees, so you can be hands-off regarding day-to-day HR functions.

Health benefits and retirement plan

Your employees get access to Moda Health Services employee group health and retirement plan. This level of coverage means healthier employees, fewer sick days, and greater loyalty. Healthier and happier employees leads to a dedicated, high performing workforce.

Workers’ compensation claims

We protect you by taking on the unemployment process which includes documentation, reporting to the state, unemployment hearings, HR file management and more. Because our parent company is Moda health, your practice is looked after by their extensive resources.

Unemployment insurance claims

Reduce your work load and lower liability with DMC. This is a co-employment relationship, in which we attract and retain the best and brightest in the industry. We also assume liability for these employees, so you can be hands off when it comes to the day-to-day HR functions.

Payroll and payroll tax compliance

More than just a pay role service, we complete time cards, manage time off, time card balancing, and track deductions or garnish wages. All that’s expected of you is to approve your staff’s time cards. We do everything else.

Find out if DMC's HR services are right for your practice

Our goal is simple –

to allow you to concentrate on providing better patient care.

We’re able to achieve this goal by establishing and maintaining a co-employment relationship with your employees. We also assume certain employer rights, responsibilities and risk in areas such as managing conflict; hiring, training and termination; and ensuring employee handbooks and files are in compliance with current labor laws.

Get all of the following services for a small percentage of your practice's payroll

As your strategic partner in employment-related functions and responsibilities, DMC HR Management Services helps you reduce the time you spend running the business side of your practice so you can get back to the revenue-generating side of your operations.


Payroll Processing

Tax Filing


PTO/OSL Tracking

Timecard Balancing

Expenses Management




Job Descriptions

Job Postings

Candidate Screens

Background Screens

Reference Checks

License/Certification Checks

Contractual Agreements

New Hire Onboarding

New Hire Orientation

Document Verification

Employee Benefits


Benefit Administration






Paid Time Off

Life Insurance

Employee Assistance Program

Employee Relations

Workers Compensation

Unemployment Claims

Employee Coaching

HR Classes & Training

Leave Administration

Annual Reviews



Exit Interviews

Federal & State Compliance

Safety Training Administration

HIPPA & OSHA Guidance


Employment Posters

Federal & State Filing

Employee Handbooks

Office Handbook Assistance

Doctor Addendums

Handbook Template

Custom Handbook

Find out if DMC's HR services are right for you practice